We are an online magazine, based in Atlanta, for Southern femmes of all flavors.

Peach Tea is the intersection of two Southern favorites – sweet tea & delicious Southern peaches. We therefore seek to create an all-inclusive space that centers those at the margins of Southern life.

The Southeast is a unique venue for womanhood and queer femme identity. So often, our voices are silenced by the powers at be, or by ourselves as we flee to Northern and Western cities. Our explicit goal is to uplift the voices of those who are still here.


You can contact us, and send all pitches and other inquiries, to peachteamag@gmail.com. Alternatively, feel free to contact us through Facebook or Twitter.

Who are we?


Lexi Chace



Twitter @leximch

 15310741_10206032023838968_1961519882_n Abby Lauren Grindle

Contributing Editor

Ariana Strix

Contributing Editor



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